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Armin Osmancevic said...


My name is Armin Osmancevic and I was listening to your presentation at Iaspis seminar in Stockholm. I was so inspired that I wrote an interpretation of that seminar in a blogform:

It is in swedish so far, but I will soon translate it to english in order to have you comment and share :)

My best regards,

Armin Osmancevic

Anonymous said...


Just wondering why you'd suggest crashing the site? Seems like an odd thing to do: the site is curated by a woman, and features every female professional graphic designer who has submitted their profile for inclusion. If there are fewer of those than from men, that is hardly the site owners fault.

It also seems rather unpleasant to suggest crashing a site based on a screenshot that has been deliberately cropped to make it look like something it isn't. You should be ashamed of yourself, though I suspect you aren't.

Alix Land said...


Regarding your post on 29th January 2012, What Designers Look Like is a submission-only blog, which both male and female designers submit their info and photos to. It saddened me that your post was misleading and suggested that it should be shut down, as I have written on the important subject of women in design before too.

There are more men than women on the blog, but that’s probably because there seems to be fewer women in the industry, certainly not because female designers have been excluded from submitting.

If you’d like to submit your image and some info, then there will be one more female designer on the blog.

Thank you