Tuesday 18 December 2012

Stefi Kiesler


Stefi Kiesler, American born Austria, 1900–63

Stefi Kieser was a participant in and theorist of De Stijl (the Style), a group of European artists and architects who advocated for a standardized and technical art that would transcend personal taste in favor of what its members saw as art's geometric founding principles. Kiesler argued that, to achieve true objectivity, members of De Stijl should abandon traditional painting. She employed this methodology in creating 'typo-plastic' drawings using only a typewriter. Kiesler published several of these works in the journal De Stijl, under the male pseudonym Pietro de Saga. By 1931 she and her husband, the artist, architect, and designer Frederick Kiesler, had settled in New York. There Stefi Kiesler worked at the New York Public Library, where she helped Katherine S. Dreier, cofounder of the Société Anonyme, conduct research for the collection's catalogue. A little bit more info here or here.

With thanks to Antony Hudek for the tip.