Friday, 24 February 2012

A Strange Way to Look at a House

If Otto Neurath has a monograph dedicated to him (Otto Neurath – The Language of Global Polis), the work of Marie Neurath deserves at least a mention (especially since she is hardly mentioned at all in the book above). She trained as a mathematician and worked on developing a system for visualising social information, which she named Isotype (International System Of TYpographic Picture Education) with long-time collaborators Otto Neurath and Gert Arntz.

Isotype Revisited
Hyphen Press

"We have all been inside a house, but how different it looks when it is cut through with our magic knife!" spread from book If you could see inside (Marie Neurath, 1948, from the 'Wonders of the modern world' series, London: Max Parrish)

How long do animals live? from Compton's Pictures Encyclopedia, Chicago, 1940 edition

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